Reparations are spread to a pool of resources that go directly to the hands of Black MaGes. Direct giving is the fastest and most effective way to get MaGes from crisis to stability, and securing reparations on a path to healing. Pay-links and consulting fees help pay the individuals doing this work. There is also a patreon for monthly contributions to keep this work sustainable, and for white reparationists will unlock the blog posts on this site. Black MaGes may contact us through social media or email for the password.

Monthly Contributions

Amira (they/them) is the founder of House of Liberosis, and works full time as a community organizer to secure reparations for Black trans people. They currently have no income beyond what they receive on Patreon, and appreciates any and all financial contributions to their work and well-being.
M (they/them) is a non-binary parent to two non-binary children ages 2 and 4. They need immediate reparations for household goods, clothing, groceries, and securing stable housing.
Little Bear (she/he/they, alternate) needs funds to secure safe and healthy housing, and leave the apartment currently shared with a negligent roommate that is a health risk as Little Bear is already a high-risk candidate for Covid-19.
Amari (they/them) is a Black, trans, disabled person who currently lives with an abusive mom, but has no income for their own housing. They currently live off their art, but the inconsistent funds are not enough to make ends meet, or to leave the abusive situation.
ShaLyric (she/her) is a tired Black trans woman working towards stability, but needing funds to sustain her wellbeing until she secures income and housing.